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Outside Air and (vs) Exhaust Air – An important relationship in the indoor building environment

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The correct outside-air airflow being brought into a building through the air conditioning systems and or a designated outside air conditioning unit is important for a couple reasons.

1. To maintain a healthier indoor environment by keeping the CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels lower in the building, which helps to reduces fatigue.

2. When outside-air airflow is set correctly in relation to the exhaust-air airflow in the building, it maintains a positive building pressure which in turn keeps contaminants and humidity (water vapor) from entering the building through the cracks and crevices in the building envelope. This in turn improves the quality of the air and improves the comfort level by reducing the humidity level in the building.

The best way to assure that, the outside-air and exhaust-air, air flows are set correctly is measuring and adjusting the air flows.  This can be accomplished with the service of a certified “Test and Balance” company.

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