Maintenance Program

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If you do not have a maintenance program established for the HVAC equipment for your business or properties please contact us at Future Controls inc. and allow us to take care of it for you. “A well maintained system is a happy system.”

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Whats that symbol in your logo?

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Have you ever wondered what that “e” looking symbol in the Future Controls logo is?

After the 1970’s fuel crisis the Federal Energy Administration was created and adopted this symbol for a very short time to identify efforts by Government Agencies and Private industry to reduce energy use. It was a symbol to promote energy conservation/ energy management, and to be used as a sales tool for industry leaders to help change the way America thinks about energy consumption. For more ...

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INET Control System and Building Automation Acronyms

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Ever wonder what the acronyms mean? – well, here are a few that may solve your curiousity:


BAS = Building Automation System

BMS = Building Management System

EMS = Energy Management System

CCMS = Central Control Monitoring System

FECS = Front End Computer System

VAV = Variable Air Volume

VFD = Variable Frequency Drive

AHU = Air Handling Unit

RTU = Roof Top Unit


PCU = Process Control Unit

DCU = Digital Control Unit

ASC = Application Specific Controller

MR = Micro Regulator

LIU = Lan Interface Unit

MCU = Micro Control Unit

DPU = Door ...

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